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Budtender of the Month
July 15, 2024
Budtender of the Month: Josh from The Fire Station, Ironwood

What are your favorite Detroit Edibles and/or Cannalicious Labs products and why?

“My personal favorite would have to be the Peanut Butter Barracuda Bertha Cups and the Barracuda Crispy Milk Chocolate Bars. The chocolate is absolutely delicious and the high is excellent – I'm always recommending them! The Bertha Cups are a perfect sweet treat that gets me where I need to be without needing to eat much and the chocolate bars are a great addition to s'mores!”

If you could dispel one myth or stigma about cannabis use, what would it be and why?

“Personally, the biggest stigma I've dealt with is acceptance from others, especially family, as I'm sure most people can relate. And I believe a lot of that starts with cannabis education. Thankfully, as time goes on, society is becoming more accepting of cannabis and the correct information is getting out there.”

As a budtender, how do you stay informed of the latest products and trends in the cannabis industry?

“Curiosity! I'm continously browsing products in several of our locations, as well as other stores. I take every chance I have to look into new products that arrive to find out what's new and different and then, of course, at-home 'research'!”

What makes the experience at The Fire Station beneficial for customers?

“The Fire Station offers an amazing sales floor experience! Our friendly staff is always ready to go above and beyond to exceed our customers' needs and provide great products and share our cannabis knowledge. Our sales floor allows customers to browse products up-close and personal, from our wall displays of edibles, disposables, carts and more, to our concentrate displays and, of course, our Bud Bars that offer customers the chance to experience the sights and smells of our amazing selection of flower before you buy! If you haven't checked out The Fire Station already, it definitely should be on your list!”